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Refrigeration - Troubleshooting

If the fridge/freezer is a new unit and has just been delivered or it has been transported between two places by road:

- Allow the refrigerator/freezer to stand for 12 hours before connecting the unit to an electrical connection and switching on the unit

If the fridge/freezer is not getting cold:

- Is the electrical supply connected to the refrigerator/freezer?
- Was the door open for an extended period?
- Were a large quantity of room temperature or warm foods placed in the refrigerator/freezer within the last 12-24 hours?
- The refrigerator/freezer is near a heat source (e.g. Sunlight, tumble dryer, microwave, enclosed area)
- Is there enough free/open space around the unit?
- Is the compressor / motor at the back of the fridge / freezer running?
- Has the thermostat/temperature been set?
- Check to see fridge/freezer is not overloaded
- Ensure doors are closed correctly
- Has the manual been read for operation?

If the fridge/freezer is icing up or too cold:

- Check the thermostat/temperature setting is not set too high
- Check that the fridge/freezer drain is not blocked or iced up
- If the ice is frosty, ensure that the door seals correctly onto the body of the refrigerator/freezer (use warm water on door seal)
- If the freezer is icing up, check to see if the unit is a frost free unit or not. Defrosting needs to be done manually if not frost free
- Has the manual been read for operation?
- Ensure that no item has been placed against the cold plate

If the fridge is leaking or there is water inside the fridge:

- Ensure no bottles have been left open
- Ensure that there is no item placed against the cold plate

On units with ice and water dispensers and no water or ice is produced:

- Ensure water tap is connected and opened
- Ensure that the lever for the ice mechanism is in the “on” position
- Ensure filter is connected correctly and that does not require replacing
- Has the manual been read for operation?

If alarm is activated:

- Ensure refrigerator/freezer doors are closed
- Ensure there is power to the fridge
- Check temperature on fridge/freezer, if it is a new unit hold alarm button to switch off alarm and set display to required temperature
- Has the manual been read for operation?

Unusual noises from Fridge/Freezer:

- The fridge/freezer is not level - Adjust feet
- Kitchen Appliance is touching the wall or other object
- Check if items inside the fridge are touching

Water on the floor or storage shelves:

- Water drain hole inside is blocked (e.g.: use straw to unblock)
- Check if bottles are closed correctly

Gas Hobs - Troubleshooting

If the gas hob does not ignite:

- Is the electrical supply connected to the gas hob correctly by a qualified electrician/ LPG Gas Certified Agent?
- Is the electrical plug switched on?
- Is the gas bottle full and are all gauges opened?
- Is the cap on the gas burner fitted correctly?
- The igniter might be wet, wipe igniter with dry cloth
- Hold down the selector knob to ignite for up to 15 seconds, until the thermo couple is warmed up

If the burners on the gas hob are not working or not heating:

- Check if black burner caps is mixed or not fitted correctly (correct size burner cap)
- Check if jet is dirty (clean jet with a needle, pin or toothpick)
- Ensure the silver part of the igniter is not damp
- Is the flame spreader fitted correctly?

Dishwashers - Troubleshooting

If your Kelvinator dishwasher is not washing properly:

- Plates and bowls were not scrapped prior to loading ino the dishwasher 
- Machine overloaded (load according to user manual)
- Possible filters blocked (Clean filters regularly)
- Detergent under dosed
- Is water too hard-adjust salt consumption? (refer to user manual for adjustment screw)
- Spray arms blocked

If the dishes are not coming out of dishwasher clean:

- Is the filter clean?
- Are the spray arms clean/blocked? (Refer to user manual)
- Was the detergent/soap released from dispenser?
- Are there any obstacles in the path of the spray arms allowing them not to turn fully?
- Incorrect loading or stacking
- Is the dishwasher connected to a hot or cold water point, as hot water points may cause problems
- Has the correct program been selected for the dishwasher? (Refer to user manual)
- Has the manual been read for operation?

If the dishwasher does not start:

- Is the electrical supply connected?
- Ensure that the dishwasher doors are closed correctly
- Is the water tap open/Is water pressure too low?
- Ensure inlet pipe is not bent
- Has the manual been read for operation?

If the dishes are not coming out of the dishwasher dry:

- Are the dishes hot?
- Is there rinse aid in the dispenser?
- Is there water in the unit?
- Plastics do not dry completely

If glasses are coming out milky:

- Too much detergent/soap is been used
- Glasses are been washed at too high a temperature. Wash glass below 65 degrees
- Is rinse aid being used?
- Inadequate rinsing
- Has salt been added to soften water?

If there is water in the dishwasher/If the water is not draining:

- Ensure outlet pipe is not blocked, bent or placed to high
- Is the filter clean?
- Check drain too see if there are no blockages
- Was the program stopped/or door opened? (Program stopped before cycle ended)

Noise from unit: If the dishwasher has a humming sound when switched on but does not operate/Knocking noise/Rattling:

- Empty dishes from dishwasher, Tilt dishwasher sideways-90 degrees to empty out water from the bottom tray (on towel)
- Possible spray arm is knocking against items
- Items inside dishwasher are loose in the wash basket

Smeary form or spots on items:

- Very greasy load in dishwasher
- Rinse aid concentration too low

Oven & Hobs - Troubleshooting

If the oven or hob does not switch on:

- Was the electrical supply connected to the hob or oven correctly and was it done by a qualified electrician?
- Were the bridging pieces installed correctly?
- Has the clock on the oven been set?
- Has the manual been read for operation?

If the oven door does not close:

- Check to see if the hinges on the oven are correctly fitted into cavity slot
- Ensure release lever on the hinges are not in the up position
- Check the manual to remove/fit oven door

If the oven cavity is discoloring:

- Check to ensure no oven lining or foil has been used on the oven cavity

If the stainless steel hob discolors:

- The hob plates have been left switched on without any pots on the plate
- Oversize pots are been used on the hob
- Do not use abrasive products or abrasive cleaning materials on the hob (e.g. steel-wool pads etc.)
- Has the manual been read for operation?

Tumble Dryers - Troubleshooting

If the tumble dryer does not work or dry:

- Is the electrical plug connected to the tumble dryer?
- Are all the filters clean and contain no fluff?
- Ensure to clean fluff from the door and around the door seal after each drying cycle
- Was the correct program/temperature selected?
- Is the tumble dryer overloaded?
- If condenser unit, then check the water drawer to ensure container is not full
- Check manual for possible reset button, continue operating machine
- Has the tumble dryer got enough open area around it? (machine can over heat)
- If ventilated machine, check if outlet pipe is not blocked
- Has the manual been read for operation?

Washing Machines - Troubleshooting

If the washing machine does not start:

- Is the electrical plug connected to the washing machine?
- Is the door closed correctly?
- Is the water tap opened?
- Check to see if the inlet pipe is not bent
- Check if the Start/Hold button is not pressed
- Filter is blocked on water inlet pipe
- Has the manual been read for operation?

If the washing machine is vibrating:

- Were the transport brackets removed if it is a new appliance?
- Is the wasging machine level on the floor?
- Tiled floors which are slippery may cause washing machine to move and vibrate
- Check to ensure load is balanced
- Ensure washing machine is not overloaded

If the washing machine is not washing properly:

- Is the washing machine overloaded?
- Was too much or too little detergent/soap used?
- Is the detergent/soap drawer empty, if not: wash/clean drawer before using the machine again
- Ensure stay soft is not too thick
- Was the correct program/temperature is selected
- If the outlet pipe is too low, water runs out of the washing machine
- Has the manual been read for operation?

If the washing machine is not spinning or water is not draining:

- Ensure that the drain hose is not bent or placed to high up
- Check the filter to ensure not blocked
- Check to ensure that the load is balanced
- Check to ensure rinse hold or spin button is activated/pressed in
- Has the manual been read for operation?

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