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Gas Hobs - Troubleshooting

If the gas hob does not ignite:

- Is the electrical supply connected to the gas hob correctly by a qualified electrician/ LPG Gas Certified Agent?
- Is the electrical plug switched on?
- Is the gas bottle full and are all gauges opened?
- Is the cap on the gas burner fitted correctly?
- The igniter might be wet, wipe igniter with dry cloth
- Hold down the selector knob to ignite for up to 15 seconds, until the thermo couple is warmed up

If the burners on the gas hob are not working or not heating:

- Check if black burner caps is mixed or not fitted correctly (correct size burner cap)
- Check if jet is dirty (clean jet with a needle, pin or toothpick)
- Ensure the silver part of the igniter is not damp
- Is the flame spreader fitted correctly?

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