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Oven & Hobs - Troubleshooting

If the oven or hob does not switch on:

- Was the electrical supply connected to the hob or oven correctly and was it done by a qualified electrician?
- Were the bridging pieces installed correctly?
- Has the clock on the oven been set?
- Has the manual been read for operation?

If the oven door does not close:

- Check to see if the hinges on the oven are correctly fitted into cavity slot
- Ensure release lever on the hinges are not in the up position
- Check the manual to remove/fit oven door

If the oven cavity is discoloring:

- Check to ensure no oven lining or foil has been used on the oven cavity

If the stainless steel hob discolors:

- The hob plates have been left switched on without any pots on the plate
- Oversize pots are been used on the hob
- Do not use abrasive products or abrasive cleaning materials on the hob (e.g. steel-wool pads etc.)
- Has the manual been read for operation?

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